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Project: 'The Volution' Concept Book (2006)

Description: The Concept Book for the 2006 Project 'The Volution'.

An Anti-Design/Fashion statement in the form of 'Documentation Portfolio', the concept book (much like 'The Volution' Coceptual collection) sets out to appeal to the mind rather then to an aesthetic instict.

The various pages from the concept book have been scanned and posted on this page in their original order.

Concept book Open Comcept Book Concept Book Concept Pg Side A Concept Pg Side B Ispiration Pg Side A Inpiration Pg Side B The F.O.F.F. Pg Side A The F.O.F.F. Pg Side B FoFF Strip 1 FoFF Strip 2 FoFF Strip 3 FoFF Silk printed Postcard 1 FoFF Silk printed Postcard 2 FoFF Silk printed Postcard Back Early Translation of the FoFF into a Garment 1 Early Translation of the FoFF into a Garment 2 Birth of the FoFF Proconsul Wishfull Thinking over Future Designs 1 Wishfull Thinking over Future Designs 2 Prognosys Pg Side A Prognosys Pg Side B Material Suggestions Proconsul 10x Prototype image 1 Proconsul 10x Prototype image 2 Our (FoFF) Motto Volutionary Steps 1-5 F.O.F.F. Proconsul Volution Concept Book Credits 6. 'The Volution' Concept Book (2006)

Hand made
Concept & Design by: David Lxembourg
Photography: David Luxembourg

F.O.F.F strips by +++ Yoad David Luxembourg
Photography of F.O.F.F. Outfits: David Luxembourg
Support illustrations/Images taken from various websites,'BMW Driven to Succeed'(2006) Published by Jaynes Publishing, 'From Ape to Adam' (1971*) by Herbert Wendt & form the 'Complete World of Evolution' (2005*).

*Published by Thames&Hudson LTD.

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them.
+++ Yoad David Luxembourg 2012.