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Project: Muppet Murder (2004)

Description: Catalogue documenting an interdisciplinary exercise in colour, painting, image manipulation and photography. The catalogue is composed of 42 pages depicting the various stages of the exercise.

Nr= Number of painting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

M= Manipulation of the painting.

MC= Manipulation in context or environment.

OR= Original painting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6).

AT+= My feeling about the painting communicated via an image in which I am present, like a personal image or self portrait.

AT-= The same feeling I have about the painting communicated via an image in which I am not present.

CC= Colour Card, a range of colours, each related to a specific feeling or emotion via a sentence.

COM= A self-portrait done as a glossy commercial for a product or a service (like cigarettes, or traveling gear).

SIL= A self-Portrait of me doing something silly - Taking water out of my boots.
Muppet_Murder_cover_back Muppet_Murder_cover_front Muppet_Murder_page02 Muppet_Murder_page03 Muppet_Murder_page04 Muppet_Murder_page05 Muppet_Murder_page07 Muppet_Murder_page08 Muppet_Murder_page09 Muppet_Murder_page10 Muppet_Murder_page11 Muppet_Murder_page13 Muppet_Murder_page14 Muppet_Murder_page15 Muppet_Murder_page16 Muppet_Murder_page17 Muppet_Murder_page29 Muppet_Murder_page20 Muppet_Murder_page21 Muppet_Murder_page22 Muppet_Murder_page23 Muppet_Murder_page25 Muppet_Murder_page27 Muppet_Murder_page28 Muppet_Murder_page29 Muppet_Murder_page30 Muppet_Murder_page31 Muppet_Murder_page33 Muppet_Murder_page34 Muppet_Murder_page35 Muppet_Murder_page36 Muppet_Murder_page37 Muppet_Murder_page39 Muppet_Murder_page40 5. Muppet Murder (2004)

Based on an assignment by Matthieu Meijers
Art by: David Luxembourg
Book concept and design: Yoad David Luxembourg
Photography: David Luxembourg
Additional images: taken form 'V Magazine' Issue No. 10 Spring 2001
Support material: taken from photographs of Jamel Shabazz.

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them. +++ Yoad David Luxembourg 2012.