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Project: The Fortune Chicken (2003/4)

Description: A total concept for a gift object consisting of the gift object itself, its packaging & its book, all communicating the identity of the concept and its key ideas with their design and thought.

"Smash this chicken in times of confusion and great despair..."

Each chicken carries a secret, a smile, deep within, but does knowing the secret worth parting with the gift?

This game of self discipline is left for you, to see whether in the right time the right thing will happen and Tao & destiny will do their work.

A gift concept that is all about giving and gifts, where wholesome rules, as each part of the whole is the whole...

The Fortune Chicken continues to manifest its fell good vibe, its smile and its sharing, in a surprising box and even goes further into the realm of fairytales and imagination with it book.

An experience worth exploring, a story worth reading, a smile and a laugh and the feeling of joy.

For You!

The Fortune Chicken with box The Fortune Chicken in box The Fortune Chicken in box top The Fortune Chicken box The Fortune Chicken box open The Fortune Chicken Book of Conceptual Guides Vol.1 front The Fortune Chicken Book of Conceptual Guides Vol.1 back Mishism Yao Tse and the Nudist Fortune Chicken farming Video: 'Folding the Chicken'

Folding the Chicken - The Fortune Chicken Bonus DVD - 8 years anniversary, March 2003 - March 2011.
You can view/ download the video in high qaulity by clicking here or on the image above.
The Fortune Chicken Poster 4. The fortune Chicken (2003)

Concept & Design by: David Lxembourg
Photography: David Luxembourg

Fortune Chicken box (2004)
Concept & Design by: David Lxembourg
Graphic design: David Lxembourg

The Fortune Chicken -
Book of Conecptual Guides Vol.1 (2004)

Concept, design & layout: David Lxembourg
Amazing illustrations: Yuki Shiroi
Yuki's Website:

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