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Project: Masculine / Feminine (2011)

Description: 6 pairs, male and female, of international designers from Holland and Portugal experiment with firing ceramics in small homemade ovens a.k.a. Ceramic Crumb Ovens. The result consists of tiny objects about "Masculine/ Feminine" that in the exhibition can be viewed through magnifying glass or microscope.

Participating: BCXSY, Daniela Pais & David Luxembourg, Design Drift, Janine Braun & Pedro Almeida, Studio Joon&Jung together with Yu-hun Kim, Studio Pedrita.

Project Initiative: Yoad David Luxembourg

Masculine/ Feminine
De Krabbedans, Eindhoven.
20 May to 7 August 2011

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MAsculine / Feminine MAsculine / Feminine MAsculine / Feminine Masculine/ Feminine
Mundano Objectos, Porto.

12 October to 19 November 2011

4000-480 PORTO

For more info please visit Mundano Objectos website

MAsculine / Feminine MAsculine / Feminine MAsculine / Feminine BCXSY: Relationships

Through experiments, we have played with the size-limits of the ceramic crumb oven, and tried to see what happens when bigger objects are put in the oven and only partly being baked.

Since in our own work we do not emphasize the border between our own identities, but rather aim to merge into one narrative, we have chosen to present seven vessels which are abstractly illustrating various relationships. The expression of masculinity and femininity are left open for the interpretation of the viewer.

BCXSY: Relationships BCXSY: Relationships Daniela Pais & David Luxembourg:

Masculine / Feminine Perspectives

3 different perspectives about masculine and feminine as a starting point for designing various button sets. The perspectives chosen were Greek mythology, Eastern Philosophy and Modern Times. these were then reinterpreted in a away that using these buttons will perpetuate the moral or beliefs that these perspectives represent.

Daniela Pais & Yoad David Luxembourg Design Drift: Ceramic LED fitting

For the Masculine / Feminine project we thought immediately about male and female pin headers, small components that can be mounted on a circuit board to hold LED's or are used as a connector. Although the traditional Phillips light bulb is not produced anymore, the old ceramic lamp fittings are more popular then ever. We decided to use this tiny bit of old visuals as inspiration for this new ceramic LED-light fitting, where the fitting has both male and female connection. The fitting is then used in one of our existing projects, Dandelight, a little piece of real nature that lightens up by a 9 Volt battery.
designdrift designdrift Joon&Jung with Yu-hun Kim: 'The Lai'

In our journey of research about Feminine and Masculine, we found a common keyword 'Fluttering'. We decided to use ceramic crumb oven to bake a feminine object, and to develop a working structure as its masculine counterpart. However, the as starting point was an abstract translation; we have decided to create an experimental object. Conclusively, it would create the fluttering atmosphere to a visitor with both of technology and craftsmanship.
Joon&Jung with Yu-hun Kim Joon&Jung with Yu-hun Kim Joon&Jung with Yu-hun Kim Janine Braun & Pedro Almeida: Masculine / Feminine

Because ceramic painted tiles are part of our Portuguese heritage we created two stamps of tiles. We linked the motifs of the tiles with the differences between the masculine and the feminine brain:

The masculine brain follows a mathematical path and uses specific parts of the brain to solve problems. Therefore, the tile is abstract and geometrical with a predominant center.

The feminine brain uses multiple parts to solve problems and has a bigger ability to store stressful moments related with emotions. So the tile is more complex and figurative with shifting focus of attention.
Janine Braun & Pedro Almeida Janine Braun & Pedro Almeida Janine Braun & Pedro Almeida Studio Pedrita: Masculine / Feminine

Rather then working on a concept, we've let ourselves go from design methodology and focused on finding the gestures of masculine and feminine. Away from our computers, cans, candles and tiny clay pieces took over the studio balcony where 2 micro ovens cooked consequently many lost attempts to reach recognizable shapes which represent this theme.

Based on a micro scale for a micro oven the challenge here was to understand a procedure and accurate a technique.
Studio Pedrita Studio Pedrita Studio Pedrita 29. Masculine / Feminine (2011)

Concept & Curation: David Luxembourg
Photography: David Luxembourg

Presenting works by: BCXSY, Daniela Pais & David Luxembourg, Design Drift, Janine Braun & Pedro Almeida, Studio Joon&Jung together with Yu-hun Kim, Studio Pedrita.

With Special thanks to: To everyone(!)above,
Edwin From De Krabbendans,
Sofia & Luis from Mundano,
Stijn van der Vleuten, Pedro Almeide & Janine Braun.

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them.
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