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Project: Cats Revisited Series(2001/10)

Description: A composition with cats and other elements. Series of screen prints on paper re-edited for publishing some 10 years after its original creation.

works numbers and sizes, respectively from Left to right:

Composition nr. 10: 50x50cm
Composition nr. 13: 58x60cm
Composition nr. 18: 70x67cm
Composition nr. 21: 120x68cm
Composition nr. 22: 112x68cm
Composition nr. 25: 80x67cm

Cats nr.10 Cats nr.13 Cats nr.18 Cats nr.21 Cats nr.22 Cats nr.25 26. Cats Revisited Series (2001/10)

Art by: David Luxembourg
Edited by: Daniel Luxembourg

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them.
+++ Yoad David Luxembourg 2015 & on.