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Project: Weapons of Mass Destruction(2010-2011)

Description: A politically engaging and multi-contextual design object developed together by designers Florian de Visser, Stijn van der Vleuten and David Luxembourg under the pseudonym: 'Been There Done That.'

Been There Done That aims to make a playful statement about existential and really annoying issues, which the average everyday common person can't do any thing about.

World news can be very confusing.

WMD are soft puffy pillows inspired both by the forms of a key unit in an intercontinental balistic missile and of the early Atomic-bombs. The device comes with an attacheble Clock indicating either local regional time or for example: the local time at one of the 15 Nuclear Club leading members (and member wannabees) who are making the news, playing an int. existential W.M.D. high stakes game.

15 flags, representing these nuclear club states, as well as 2 peace flags and 1 blank flag (for user customization) are also a part of this design object making flag replacement possible on daily basis according to world news and individual sentiment.

What kind of Peace will your confused & misinformed pillow lend its support for?

Weapons of mass destruction-detail Weapons of mass destruction box for weapons of mass destruction box for weapons of mass destruction Weapons of mass destruction-detail 25. Weapons Of Mass Destruction (2010-2011)

Concept & Design: Been There. Done That.
Photography: David Luxembourg, florian de Visser, Stijn van der Vleuten

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them.
+++ Yoad David Luxembourg & Been There. Done That. 2015 & on.