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Project: ICEHOTEL / Dimensional Journey Suite (2010/11)

Description: An interior design for room 315 of the ICEHOTEL, an exclusive art exhibition & hotel made entirely of snow an ice some 200 Km above the Arctic Circle in Kiruna Sweden.

Working together with the designer Jens Dyvik, in our participation of the ICE HOTEL we aimed at offering a refinement of scripture and lightness of play, creating a tactile and detailed interior composed from rectangular ice tiles.

Our work method is contrasting to the classic way of working with ice (i.e. free formed and massive ice objects) as we cut over 7000 tiles of ice, from large ice bars and reformed them into a complex 3D pattern which envelopes the entire space.

The ICEHOTEL will be open till April 24th 2011, for more information please check

315 panorama visitors in room 315 view from the bed Detail of the bed platfrom entrance 315 24. ICEHOTEL / Dimensional Journey Suite (2010/11)

Concept & Design: David Luxembourg & Jens Dyvik
Photography: David Luxembourg, Jens Dyvik

Special thanks to the ICEHOTEL staff, crew and visitors, to all of the essential People and fellow Artists, our friends in this northern adventure.

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