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Project: Wishing Chicken(2010)

Description: A group gift object where everyone can participate in wishing their best to the receiving person(s). The Wishing Chicken is to be given in times of joy and in special occasions.

'The act of Giving, by itself , is also a Gift!'

The wishing chicken is meant to be purchased by a group of people as a community gift for person, or persons, deserving this extra ordinary gift. On the special wish making paper each member of the group writes a positively wishful thought to the person(s) receiving the wishing chicken and then inserts their blessings into the chicken before they all give it away. With a marker the givers can also add a dedication on the wishing chicken´┐Żs chest to commemorate the occasion.

The wishing Chicken's size is 18cm high, 18cm long and 14 cm wide.

Wishing Chickens are available in selected shops, but could also be purchased by contacting us directly.

Wishing Chicken front Wishing Chicken side Wishing Chicken with label & wish making papaer Detail of Wishing Chicken label & wish making papaer Detail of the 'insert wishes here' hole Wishing Chicken overview Detail of gold printed lable 23. Wishing Chicken (2010)

Concept & Design: David Luxembourg
Photography: David Luxembourg

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them.
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