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Project: Forward to Basics Workshop (2010)

Description: Participation in a collaborative workshop organized by EDUfashion, a project fostering community, collaboration & innovation in order to provide a new vision & practice for fashion and to develop an Openweer community - a collaborative platform for fashion creation & continuous education, emphasizing skill-sharing and ethical branding.

Through organizing collaborative workshops the Openwear community is aiming to create a series of capsule fashion collections with clothing & accessories promoting sustainability (as a social, ecological & economical way of thinking), knowledge sharing, distributed production, & a collaboration of people from different backgrounds.

The first of the collaborative Openwear workshops took place at Ljubljana University, between 14th & 19th of June. Participants in the workshop included the brands/design studios Daniela Pais, I-Gle Studio, Oloop Design, Open Source Pants, Pamoyo, Jure Purgaj, Serpica Naro & myself. For 5 days we worked together mixing, changing, producing & prototyping, eventually to reaching the goal of having a collaborative capsule collection of 8 items.

The collection will be officialy launched in October, more information @ & Openwear Blog.
edufasion Although being involved in developing the other collaborative collection's items as well, much of my attention went to develop the 2 items that are presented in this page: Origami Shirt and Slippers.

Origami Shirt

Inspired by origami, in the way that is accessible and understandable to, I set on shirt's design that will be easily understood by other designer and interested persons who would like to use and modify it.

Like Origami the starting point of the design is the square sheet of material, in the case of fashion taken from a standard textile roll (usually 150 cm wide). Also like origami the idea of using the whole sheet of material for making your creation was an important principle to maintain.
Origami shirt Principles Origami Shirt Origami Shirt Origami Shirt Origami Shirt Origami Shirt Origami Shirt Origami Shirt Shirt Slippers

Working together with Daniela Pais and Cecilia Palmer, I have developed a method of creating slippers from the sleeves of old shirts. If the shirt you use fits you then the wrists of the shirt will fit your ankles as well. All you have to do is: 1) cut the sleeves; 2) wear them upside down on your feet with the wrist buttoned around your ankles; 3) fold the rest of each sleeve around your foot and then twist it till it resembles a rope; 4) make a tight knot directly above your toes; 5) hide the rest of the rope under the knot and arrange the rest of the sleeve material around your tows; 6) apply 3 layers of latex to the soles (optional).

recycled shirt slippers Slipper - step 1 Slipper - step 2 Slipper - step 3a Slipper - step 3b Slipper - step 3c Slipper - step 3d Slipper - step 4a Slipper - step 4b Slipper - step 5a Slipper - step 5b Slipper - step 6c Slipper - step 6c Slipper - final result Origami Shirt 20. Openwear Collaborative Fashion Collection (2010)

Concept & Design by: David Luxembourg, Tina of I-Gle Studio , Tjasa of Oloop Design, Aviv of Open Source Pants, Cecilia of Pamoyo, Jure Purgaj, Nadia of Serpica Naro and Daniela Pais.

With special thanks to Zoe, Oliver, Maja, Almira and Natasha of Edufashion.

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them.
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