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Project: Love is Science (2010)

Description: Artwork For the new LA*GA Scientifca bag, a special edition of the award winning from Designer Daniela Pais, for the Portuguese pavilion of knowledge and museum of science in Lisbon.

The concept for the LA*GA Scientifica bag was developed by Marisa Vinha from the Portuguese pavilion of knowledge and follows the question: Do you know what happens when we fall in love?

The answer, the 4 different molecules Our body releases, are represented on the bag according to their academic form; Adrenaline = C9H13NO3, Dopamine = C8H11NO2, Oxytocin = C43H66N12O12S2 and Serotonin = C10H12N2O, forming an abstract pattern.

This pattern then forms into an optical illusion through selective outlining of characters, creating large words that are invisible from up close, but readable from a distance.

The bag's presentation stand was designed by Marisa herself.

To the Portuguese Pavillion of Knowledge

Love is Science Art work sides A&B LAGA Scintifica Prototype LAGA Scintifica Pattern LAGA Scintifica Shop Stand LAGA Scintifica Shop Stand LAGA Scintifica Shop Stand 19. Love is Science (2010)

Concept & Design by: David Lxembourg
Photography: David Luxembourg, Daniela Pais
With special thanks Marisa Vinha.

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them.
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