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Project: Xisto Games (2010)

Description: 3 Generic game devices made from Xisto Stone and Designed for Loja Aldias do Xisto shop network in Portugal.

This project focuses on sustainability and local development and so, all games are to be produced from local resources found in the Aldias do Xisto Region in the center of Portugal, working together with local craftsmen, producers, companies and their network.

The games devices are Domino Xisto, Tangram Xisto and Torre (tower game). The tiles for these games are made from Xisto stone - also known as slate or schist stone - found locally in the region and traditionally used for building houses, walls and agricultural terraces.

For the Domino Xisto 2 new forms of play were worked out; Luxembourg Draw Dominoes and Domino Architecture. The first being the set of domino playing rules used for playing domino in our studio (first developed in 2007 and previously un-recorded). The second being a meditative design/construction game which requires lots of concentration and some understanding of physics.

The games were presented for the first time in 'Mascara Iberica' event in Lisbon, May 2010.

For more information about Luxembourg Draw Dominoes please visit Luxembourg Domino Dojo.

Torre - opened Torre - front Torre - back Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table work in Progress - Packeging 18. Xisto Games (2010)

Concept & Design by: David Lxembourg
Photography: David Luxembourg, Daniela Pais

With special thanks to the following persons:
Jorge Silva, Manuel Velhoso, Lea Liabastre-Chopin, Nuno Alves, Carlos Leandro, & Rui Siamo.

And as well special thanks to the following companies:
Soardosias, Concept Laser, Orlando & Tomas, Oficina do Objectos, Plurimarmores & A.D.X.T.U.R.

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them.
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