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Project: BOOMSHIRT (2010)

Description:�Think, intervene and send�. In the Boomshirt project, a shirt was passed between 3 designers, each intervening on it independently and then sending it to the next designer; with the last designer sending it back to the curators of a Boomshirt exposition during Estoril Fashionart Festival in Portugal.

I participated in this project together with Daniela Pais and Wieteke Opmeer. With inspiration drawn from the projects motto � WE HAVE POWER � a trail of energy poles and a cables forming �power line� have been drawn and embroidered on the shirt starting from the waist and ending on the top chest button � hinting at the hidden use of the lamp on the main shit pocket.

The shirt was made into a lamp, but with a limited amount of energy only, urging the wearer to use his �pocket lamp� only when necessary and to preserve the energy that the shirt has.

I have also chosen to interact and emphasize Wieteke�s statement about silk(prev. intervention) by giving the lamp a shape that together with the patterns of Wieteke�s dyed silk pockets created a light image of a cocoon that reminds us where does silk come from and the life that it had once preserved

Estoril Fashionart Festival Portugal
Boomshirts' Gallery

Boomshirt Boomshirt Boomshirt Boomshirt Boomshirt Boomshirt Boomshirt Boomshirt 17. BOOMSHIRT (2010)

Concept & Design by: David Lxembourg
Photography: David Luxembourg
With special thanks to Tjasha Bavcon.

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them.
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