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Project: Table (2009)

Description: A table made for the Dutch Design Week Exposition 'Desing & Intervention at 'Aldeias do Xisto' Portugal'.

A large table, 1.8 meters wide and 4 meters long, Built and design in collaboration with Noesjka Klomberg for a Dutch Wesign Week exposition presnting results from Design & Intervention workshops, that dealt with sustaiable development in the Aldeias do Xisto region of central Portugal and were held during summer 09.

The table and its design were based on local and tarditional wood works and their priniples seen in and around local rural villages .

Giving the table the same flavor and athenticity that can be found rural portugal, these principles were then applied during the making table in Holland, mainly - working with local craftsmen and re-using old wood panels that were found localy.

Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table 16. Table (2009)

Concept & Design by: David Lxembourg
Additional design and product development by: Noesjka Klomberg
Modeling: David Luxembourg
Photography: David Luxembourg
With special thanks to Piet.

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