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Project: Illustrations (2003-2008)

Description: Small thoughts, concepts & philosophies to think about. Illustrations about daily stuff that pop into the mind recorder in a special log dedicated to (day) dreaming

little amigo Faces1 Faces2 This way Creative spectrum Self portrait Self portrait Acrobat Self portrait Franzisca Florian/Freddy Why - BAAM Leony Twist and sight Zombies Earls of Comfort- A suttle comfrt - Bang Bang Sunday Morning Uber Mensch Die Waht are you Waiting for? Reset Button Whale with Wings Portrait / The END Soft Silent Wind Earls of Comfort - Past is Past Earls of Comfort - Joy Regent Pissing / Manifestation of FOFF Earl of Comfort - Future Draw The Reacticaly NONE FOFFINFINITY KAOS SOS - 5:05 Earls of Comfort - minimalism Earls of Comfort - WIGS Bird Head Face worth less face The END - Rebel I was Born to be The END - Something  Important The END Same Lame Thing Earls of Cum forth - Not FXXXing interested two and Three Man with the golden suns Monkey King EZ as EZ Flora Shot in the Dark Tunnel Vision Water Melon Smoke Screen YOGA Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait Self Portrait UN Architects Lion Louis 14th Profiles IS a new day Uncomfortable Just another Femka Jansen /James Earl Jones My Mother Made me Soup, How long will she so it? Age Right Sexuality talking Choose between the Girls Earls of comfort Self Protrait - I Don't Want to be a Vessel of Hate Private Laughter Me With 9 Minds Vampire Apocalypse A Lust Earls of Comfort - Then The Pen Died 14. Illustrations (2003 - 2008)

Thoughts, Concept & Copy: David Luxembourg
Illustrations: David Luxembourg

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them.
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