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Project: Home is Where the Home is (2008 till present)

Description: Student's results from 'Home is Where the Home is' a interdisciplinary design workshop dealing with visual languages and semiotics in the fields of Design & Fashion Design.

During the workshop students are asked to research individual values of 'home' and then to translate them into an act of communication in the form of a wearable/carry-able 'home' using fashion design, interior design and/or architecture.

The 'Home is where the home is' program has a flexible time span (from 4 weeks to 3 months)and is open for participation form different educational institutions for design & fashion in Europe. Selected results from the workshop are documented and will be featured in an travelling exposition titled with the same name.

For more information please contact David Luxembourg: hello(at), or check

For results from Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE), Mod. 2 - Men & Leisure Dept. please scroll right.
Home is Where the Home is: A Point Of Origin Home is Where the Home is: A Point Of Origin (2010)

A Point of Origin is an interdisciplinary art action from students of the HKU, presenting a collection of works based on local spots of subjective interest in the city of Utrecht.

'A point of Origin' took place on Jan 23rd & 24th at the Grand Domestic Revolution (GDR) apartment.

User's Manual: The Grand Domestic Revolution is a year-long project exploring new possibilities for domestic living trough social interactivity in the fields of art design and theory.

User's Manual: The Grand Domestic is a project of Casco Office for Art, Design and Theory and developed in the framework of Utrecht Manifest - Biennial for Social Design.

Ilze Grinberga, Jessica den Uijl, Lyubomira Krachunova, Naomi Timan, Madeline Spronk, Fadoa Schurer, Ynchomar Dossett, Wagma Momand, Mascha Nooij.

A 'Point of Origin' is a part of the project 'WE THINK. WE DRAW. WE BUILD.' celebrating the 25th year anniversary of the faculty of Urban Design.
Video: 'A Point Of Origin'

A short film portraying the results of the workshop at their 'point of origin' in Utrecht city center.

The soundtrack for this video as well as is the inspiration for it were taken from the short film 'Selffashionshow' (1976) by the Hungarian artist Tibor Hajas.

You can view/ download the video by clicking here or on the image above.
Process: During the 2 weeks seminar period students were asked to visually research various city spot and then to translate them into acts of communication in the form of a wearable 'home' using fashion design and urban design.

The project followd the goals laid down under the 'WE THINK, WE DRAW, WE MAKE' master theme, aiming to involve HKU students and local communities throughout Utrecht through the methodolgy of Urban Design.

In the following photos: scouting and research on locations, analysis(color, shape pattern boards), drawing ideas - translating data into clothing concepts, making of the outfits, filming the video, photography of the results, and the opening of the art action at GDR, Casco Office for Art, Design and Theory.
route through location reseraching on location The Bridge The Tree WE THINK - Alley Location Colors card - Bridge Elements card - Tree Skectches - Ally Skectch - Tree Brainstormin WE DRAW - Alley location WE MAKE WE MAKE WE MAKE WE MAKE WE MAKE WE MAKE WE MAKE WE MAKE Class in the Bus WE FILM - on location WE FILM WE FILM WE FILM WE FILM WE FILM WE MAKE PHOTOS WE MAKE PHOTOS WE MAKE PHOTOS WE MAKE PHOTOS WE MAKE PHOTOS WE MAKE PHOTOS WE MAKE PHOTOS WE MAKE PHOTOS WE MAKE PHOTOS WE MAKE PHOTOS WE MAKE PHOTOS GDR CASCO opening GDR CASCO opening GDR CASCO opening GDR CASCO opening GDR CASCO opening GDR CASCO opening Home Is Where The Home Is (2008)

Results from a 6 days workshop at the Design Acadamy Eindhoven with Module 2 of the Men and Leisure Department.

In this workshop the emphasis was placed at understaning the many meanings of 'Home' and forming some of them into a 3d wearable/carryable 'Home' concepts.

Particpated: Goof van Beek, Nicole de Bij, Noesjka Klomberg, Sonia Kneepkens, Sanne Muiser, Wouter Strietman and Zoe Piper.
Home is where th ehome is... Goof van Beek (DAE)

Home is... Everywhere but Home

Description: A series of scarves that evoke a fictional visit. Scarves with scents of houses, people, or places that are dear to you, orthat you are fond of. Using the power of scents to evoke memories, a photographic image or a nostalgic feeling of the past, these scarves are created for the specific moment when you don't want to stay at home, but you can't go anywere else.

Just put a scarf on to visit a place near your heart, in your memories or with mind.
Goof van Beek Goof van Beek Goof van Beek Nicole de Bij (DAE)

Home is... A growing Memory

Description: My home is based on memories. My home is close to the heart and growing in time. My home is build on experiences, feeling, sight, smell and sound. My home feeling comes from memories of my family, friends, pets, etc. things that are close to my heart and soul and every memory is another key to my home.


We use a knot to remember and we need a key to enter.

These carriers are the keys to your thoughts and memories.

You can take them with you everywhere you go.

The key to your feeling of home.

Nicole de Bij Nicole de Bij Noesjka Klomberg (DAE)

Home is... Home is... A Point of Origin

Description: A private vessel that contains intimate & personal artifacts, that serve as remainder & constant presence of a home, a point of origin that left behind a long time ago.

These artifacts remind you both where you came from and where you are going to. The vessel itself is built out of 2 layers: an outer shell and an inner membrane both designed to protect and preserve the artifacts inside yet they also communicate the intimate value of home.

Noesjka Klomberg Noesjka Klomberg Noesjka Klomberg Noesjka Klomberg Noesjka Klomberg Sanne Muiser (DAE)

Home is... A State of Well Being

Description: My home is part of the landscape; it is in harmony with its surroundings.

My home is a cape, but also a plaid where you can notice the landscape, lay back or can relax. Itis big enough to enjoy or find a shelter for two.

Sanne Muiser Sanne Muiser Sonia Kneepkens (DAE)

Home is... An Anchor

Description: Daily repeated rituals create stabilty in an unpredictable and dynamic world.

My home is anywhere there is new information to gather. It is wild, surprising, educating and far. To create stability, my home is held together by a series of daily rituals which are performed throughout the day. They are repeated in the same way every new day, at exactly the same time. In that way, In this structure that is brought to my life, that is where I find my home.

Day start Rituals:

08.15 - 08.25 Morning tea

08.30 - 08.45 Breakfast


Sonia Kneepkens Sonia Kneepkens Sonia Kneepkens Wouter Strietman (DAE)

Home is... The Coffee of convenience

Description: A suitcase containing a pair of coffee sets, or more likely a pair of coffee rituals. One fast, mass produced and systematic, for on your way to work, and another for relaxing and taking your time every morning while your on vacation. Whether it's regular home, or your vacaction home, each home comes with its own rituals, comforts and the coffee that is most convenient.

Wouter Strietman Wouter Strietman Wouter Strietman Zoe Piper (DAE)

Home is... Like a Pocket (Willing to Recieve Guests)

Description: Pocket People - pocket companions that welcome your hands into their warm and cozy homes on a very cold day. These dolls are there to personelize your enviornment, whether its your house, room, backpack, coat or even pouch pocket and they will always be there ready to wellcome you & recieve you as their guest.

Pocket People Movie
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Zoe Piper Zoe Piper Zoe Piper 11. Home is Where the Home is. (2008, 2010)

Concept: David Luxembourg
Coaching & Guidance: David Luxembourg

With special thanks to:
Irene Fortuyn & Wineke van Muiswinkel (DAE)
Wim Ewals & Karin Baars (HKU)
Binna Choi & Jaring D�rst Britt (Casco)

Photography: David Luxembourg & participants

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them.
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