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Project: Post Apoc (2001)

Description: Fashion after the apocalypse. Dictated by the nomadic life style of the survivors, this fashion of patched up and remade clothing reflects their social reality of patched up and remade civilization.

Raw material for clothing and accessories is scavenged from obsolete objects and industries (cars, Airplanes, etc.).

Red coat: Patched up by floor carpet (from a Mercedes van), red suitcase, saftey belt (Chrysler),various car, bike and household accessoires, stiched togather with electronic wires (taken from a Toyota car).

Black vest: remade from car seats, cuttlery, saftey belts, again stiching was done with car wires.

Purple scarf: remade from 2 car seat covers, stiched togather with car wires.

Bag: remade from car seat cover and rubbertube (from biketires).

Red_coat Red_coat_detail Post_Apoc_nomad Post_Apoc_nomadic_life Black_vest Post_Apoc_nomad Red_coat_detail Post_Apoc_nomadic_life Red_coat_detail Black_vest_with_accessoires_and_bag Red_coat Post_Apoc_nomad Red Coat, Vest & accessories 1.Post Apoc (2001)

Concept & Design by: David Lxembourg
Coaching: Melanie Rozema
Photography: David Luxembourg
Photographer assistant: Roy Ventura
Support images: WW2 London and Stalingrad from Getty images.

(c) All rights reserved, yeah! All of them.
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