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Project: (2010)

Description: Forty and One Design Adventures Between 2001 and 2014. Online catalog of selected projects.

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Project List (old-->new):

1. Post Apoc (2001). F D Ph
In short: Fashion after the Apocalypse.

2. Roots (2003). F D
In short: A wearable portrait of family history.

3. Open Source* (2004). F D G Ph
In short: Graduation Project
(Design Academy Eindhoven).

4. The Fortune Chicken (2004). P G D A
In short: Graduation Project
(Design Academy Eindhoven).

5. Muppet Murder (2004). G D A Ph
In short: interdisciplinary exercise in colour, painting, image manipulation and photography.

6. The Volution Cocept Book (2006). P G I
In short: The Concept Book for 'The Volution'.

7. The Poison Monkey (2003). P G I
In short: Pop-up book made from scraps.

8. F O F F Z I L L A! (2008). P A D S E Ph
In short: Nation of F.O.F.F live fashion show/event.

9. The Volution (2006). F D I S Ph
In short: Graduation Project
(MAHKU Utrecht).

10. Websites (2003-2012). G D A
In short: Website design.

11. Home is Where the Home is (2008-2010). D W
In short: Design Workshop / Seminar.

12. Scenery of Sound (2003). D
In short: Musical instrument inspired by Dutch farming landscape.

13. Photography work (2005-2012). Ph
In short: Miscellaneous photography jobs.

14. Illustration (2003-2008). I
In short: Small thoughts, concepts & philosophies to think about .

15. From Fashion to F.O.F.F (2009). F A D S E Ph
In short: Solo exposition, F.O.F.F project Evolution.

16. Table (2009). D S E W
In short: A forum & presentation table based on rural portuguese wood work.

17. Boomshirt (2010). F I A
In short: Shirt design for Estoril Fashion Art Festival.

18. Xisto Games (2010). D P G
In short: Games designs for Aldias do Xisto shop network in Portugal.

19. Love is Science (2010). G I
In short: Artwork For LA.GA. bag.

20. Openwear Fashion Collection (2010). D F W
In short: Participation in workshop aimed at creating a free to use & sustainable fashion collection.

21. Domino Architecture Poster (2010). A Ph G
In short: Game Design based on Domino Xisto.

22. ELEMENTUM REFINE packaging (2010). D P F
In short: Packaging design for the sustainable fashion brand ELEMENTUM.

23. Wishing Chicken (2010). D
In short: A group gift object(s).

24. Dimensional Journey (2010-2011). A D S
In short: Interior design for the ICEHOTEL, some 200 Km above the Arctic Circle.

25. Weapons of Mass Destruction (2011). A D Ph P
In short: Can Design be a source for activism?

26. Cats Revisited Series (2001/2010). A
In short: Series of silk screen prints on paper.

27. Revisited Paintings Series (2000/2004/2010). A
In short: Painitings re-edited into new compositions in retro perspctive.

28. The Ceramic Crumb Oven (2011). D Ph A
In short: Candle powered homemade oven for firing XS sized clay objects.

28. Masculine / Feminine (2011). D E
In short: 6 pairs of int. designers experiment with firing ceramics with C.C.O.

30. Rock! (2011). D P G
In short: Total concept for jewelry design.

31. Velocity & Hidden Treasure (2011-2012). A D S
In short: Interior design for ICEHOTEL, Sweden.

32. Pancakes. Romantic, non-sexual.(2012) (Ph)
In short: A little 'home made' photography project about pancakes.

33. Rock -A- Chicken (2012). A D
In short: A Rocking Horse.

34. Speculation(2012) A
In short: A financial experiment by an impoverished artist.

35. Glass Action (2012). A D S E Ph
In short: Atelierdorp did not make a Glow installation.

36. Exploring Universal Parameters and Principles in Design (2011-2014). A D
In short: PhD research project.

37. Design & Intervention Summer Workshops in Aldeias Do Xisto, Portugal (2009). W D Ph E
In short: Sustainable Design workshops

38. Generic Game Device Tp. 1 (2013). D P G
In short: Any tiles game you can think up.

39. Conversation Pieces (2013). A D
In short: Objective invitations for a conversation.

40. Solid Flow (2013- 2014). A D S
In short: Interior design for ICEHOTEL, Sweden.

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